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T8 LED 10W 900L Light Tube

Welcome to Britegate!! Introducing Malaysian Designed-&-Made LED Light Tube, T8 10W 900L. Uniquely and practically designed for various application scenario, our T8 10W 900L model used for domestic indoor general lighting replacing the conventional T8 florescent lights.

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Advance Design & Key Features

Key Features

E- Capacitor-Free Design

It is commonly known that the Electrolytic Capacitor used in the conventional Analog-type Driver module has inherently limited useful life span of 8000 ~ 10 000 hours before failure. With E-Capacitor-Free, hence eliminating the shortest life-span component in the system.

Dimming Capacity (Linear Dimming)

BriteGate's various designs can cater for various range of "light color", or "Correlated Color Temperature, CCT" to provide comfortable viewing experience, determined by the users.

Premium LED Chips

Various types of high quality LED packages with good light efficacy with ~130 Lumen per packages, good light deterioration or light decay curve, and some with LM80 compliance, are used and customized per customer's perference.

Digital IC LED Driver Module

As opposed conventional Analog Driver modules which typically use E-Capacitors (which is commonly known as having short, if not shortest, life-span component) and its bulky size, our unique Digital LED Driver Module is semiconductor IC-based with very small footprint, and using E-Capacitor Free, hence more durable, lasting and long life.